Business + Cloud Service

Business + Cloud Service

Carrier Ethernet

In today's fast-paced environment, the ability to provide businesses with applications that run over reliable Ethernet-based services is more critical than ever. Business class Ethernet has become the choice for small, medium, and large businesses as industry standards have evolved to include stringent and high-availability networking requirements.

Commercial enterprises, both private and public, including government agencies and service providers, are quickly migrating to an all packet-based network for transparent WAN/LAN, VPLS, VoIP, Video Conferencing, and other mission critical applications. Most service providers are responding to these changing requirements by offering flexible bandwidth services, multi-point connectivity and flow-level CoS profiling, policing and shaping.

Transition Networks understands that business class Ethernet services require reliable, scalable, and flexible architectures that offer the ability to add additional Ethernet services and applications, while growing the number of users on a network, must be completely transparent while guaranteeing customer satisfaction with increased reliability and uptime. Transition's extensive portfolio of business class Ethernet products are designed for both critical Enterprise applications and Service Provider networks.

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