Compact station

Compact station

The compact station is a fully automated sending-and-receiving device developed for facilities with reduced space capacity.


The compact station has been developed to meet the needs of customers who want to integrate modern pneumatic tube systems into their facilities with reduced space capacity.

  • Small and compact design for easy integration in a daily hospital working environmen
  • Variable transportation speed toassure the integrity of transported goods
  • Silent operating for maximum comfort>>Easy operation for high acceptance of the users
  • More time for personnel toconcentrate on their main activities instead of spending time on portering activities
  • Energy-saving design of the electrical components to support environmental sustainability


The compact station is controlled with the Swisslog software TranspoNet orTranspoSmart, offering various features and functions adapted to particular customers´ needs.

  • Available as end station
  • Automatic dispatch of the carrier after inserting it in the loading port and entering the destination address, regardless of the system status
  • Supplied with TranspoNet graphic monitor or TranspoSmart graphic display
  • Suitable for PowerLine
  • Both monitor and display are intuitive to control with telephone-style membrane keypads
  • Carrier types:Standard (Ø110 and Ø160 mm),SmartOpen/LeakProof (Ø 160 mm)
  • Integrated carrier damping for the cushioned receipt of transport goods

Compact station
Compact station

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