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Corporate Solution

Managers of Enterprise level networks must deal with constant change. The need to evaluate new technology, meet corporate goals, and accommodate new users is a daily reality that must be addressed. Easing the migration to optical fiber is one area where Transition Network can help.

Transition Networks solutions can link new fiber cabling with legacy copper-based network devices – including RJ-45 based switches, routers, and NICs – to greatly reduce the expense of a fiber upgrade while improving bandwidth, distance and security throughout the Enterprise.

Whether you're connecting the copper ports on your core enterprise switches or connecting the fiber in your vertical risers to your horizontal cabling plant, media conversion provides the cost effective solution for maintaining our copper based equipment.

Fiber connectivity in the Campus Area Network will allow your network to grow and include remote buildings and as well as video surveillance around parking lots and building entrances.

With unparalleled experience serving the unique needs of Enterprise customers, word-class 24x7 technical support, and a product Lifetime Warranty, Transition Networks is the choice for cost-effective fiber integration in the Enterprise.

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