EPM 6100 | Energy Submeter with WiFi

EPM 6100 | Energy Submeter with WiFi

The EPM 6100 is a powerful tool that allows customers to monitor and manage their energy usage within factories, businesses and across campuses. The EPM 6100 is a multifunction meter that features ANSI C12.20 (0.2% class) accuracy and RS485, RJ45 Ethernet or IEEE 802.11 WiFi communication connections, making the meter easy to deploy in modern and older communications systems. Early detection of power problems is facilitated through THD and the alarming capabilities of the EPM 6100. The units use standard 5 or 1 amp CTs (either split or donut), surface mount to any wall and are easily programmed in minutes.


  • Flexible WiFi option eliminates the need for expensive wiring
  • 0.2% accurate revenue class meter provides highly reliable measurements
  • Multifunction capability allows a variety of voltage, current and energy metering measurements
  • Direct interface with most building management systems reduces integration costs
  • Easy installation reduces set-up time and cost Meets ANSI C12.20 (0.2%) and IEC 687 (0.2%) classes


  • Allocate energy usage throughout multi-tenant settings, such as industrial and university campuses, office towers, apartment complexes and shopping malls
  • Detect power problems early in government, military and airport facilities
  • Energy monitoring to increase OEMs efficiency



  • Ia Ib Ic In
  • Va Vb Vc Vab Vbc Vca
  • Hz W VAR VA Wh VARh Vah Demand: W VAR VA
  • Total Harmonic Distortion
  • Power Factor
  • Voltage and Current Angles
  • Bright Red LED Display with Three.56" Lines
  • % of Load Bar for Analog Meter Perception


  • Standard RS485 Modbus (Modbus RTU or
  • ASCII) IrDA Port
  • Optional Ethernet 10/100BaseT or WiFi
  • Intuitive Faceplate Programming

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