Fast Load Shedding

Fast Load Shedding

GE's Fast Load Shedding Solution

GEís PowerNode Fast Load Shedding (FLS) system has proven to maintain electrical system stability after a plant experiences a loss of one or more of its generation or utility sources. Pulling real-time information from the plant loads and generation sources, GEís dynamic fast loadshed system can detect a generation contingency and trigger actions that will shed the minimal amount of load needed to compensate for the lost generation. Using IEC 61850 GOOSE messages, GEís FLS can initiate loadshed actions within 15 ms in both islanded and non-islanded situation.

Key Benefits

• Reduces unplanned downtime impact: With operating times of less than 15 ms, GEís FLS significantly reduces unplanned downtime and all associated loss of material & production, potential equipment damage and environmental impact.
• Scalable: Can expand from very small systems to facilities consisting of thousands of different loads. Utilizing up to 128 different groups of loads, GEís FLS system can support changing the loadshed priority of these groups depending on current plant conditions.
• Flexible: Utilizing the embedded HMI, plant operations can easily be monitored by local operators allowing to change the priority of any load group in real time.
• Vendor Agnostic & Integrates with P&C IEDs: GEís FLS solution uses IEC 61850 GOOSE messages and other standard protocols in existing P&C relays to minimize installation time and cost of the overall solution.
• Easy Future Expansions: New load can be easily added to the load shedding scheme to accommodate future system expansions.

Communication Protocols Supported

• IEC 61850 Server/Client Ed.1 and Ed.2 (MMS and GOOSE)
• C37.118 and IEC 61850-90-5 Synchrophasor Protocol.
• IEC 60870-5-101/104 Server/Client.
• DNP3 Master/Slave RTU and TCPIEEE
• 1588, Irig-B and NTP client time synchronization
• Modbus RTU/TCP Master/Slave.
• IEC 6070-5-103 Master.
• OPC DA & AE Server/Client.
• OPC UA ServerEGD Producer

PowerNode Fast Load Shedding Solution Architecture

• P&C relays send load/infeed power measurements and their availability to the GPG FLS controller using IEC 61850 GOOSE messages or other legacy protocols .
• GE's FLS controller receives notification of a loss of an infeed from the P&C relays using IEC 61850 GOOSE messages.
• Based on the priorities set by the operator, the FLS algorithms will dynamically shed only the loads groups needed to match the amount of generation lost.
• GE's algorithms have been verified and validated to operate in under 15 ms from the time the loss of infeed has been detected.
• For additional reliability, GE's FLS system can be designed to use redundant Fast Loadshed controllers. Trip to initiate FLSHMI, SCADABackbone for FLSPower Measurement and Breaker Status

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