GE DDFR | Distributed Digital Fault Recorder

GE DDFR | Distributed Digital Fault Recorder

The DDFR is a Digital Fault and Disturbance recording system that uses communications to retrieve Fault, Disturbance, and Sequence of Event records that are captured by the protection relays distributed throughout a substation. The DDFR internally stores this critical substation information for local station troubleshooting as well as archives this data in a remote enterprise network location for permanent storage and analysis.


  • Substation Distributed Digital Fault Recording
  • Component in a larger enterprise wide fault and disturbance recording system

Key benefits

  • Provides a permanent detailed record of all substation activity at a fraction of the cost of installing traditional Digital Fault Recorders (DFR)
  • Eliminates up to one-third of substation wiring needed for protection, metering and disturbance recording
  • Allows for recording of Transfer Trip Signals, Block Signals and other inter-substation messages that are sent via IEC61850 peer-to-peer messages and not recordable by traditional DFR's
  • Permits recording of internal protection relay operands and calculations in Sequence of Events (SOE) and Fault records
  • Meets requirements of international Fault Recording standards when used with GE Multilin's Universal Relay family including NERC, IEEE, ECAR, & NPCC
  • Provides secure data collection while also isolating the IED network and the IT or Control network from each other with use of two seperate Ethernet ports.
  • Allows users to define the poll rate for Events and Waveforms

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