GE EPM 7000 | Power Quality Meter

GE EPM 7000 | Power Quality Meter

The EPM 7000 meter provides revenue class (0.2%) three phase power metering with optional Ethernet, relay, status, and analog output communication modules. This flexible meter can be used for a wide range of high accuracy applications including disturbance recording and power quality studies


  • Four quadrant energy and power monitoring of distribution feeders, transformers, reactors and generators
  • Power monitoring of LV and MV industrial power control centers and motor control centers
  • Energy monitoring of commercial and distribution utilities

Key benefits

  • Four Quadrant Energy and Power Measurement, complying with ANSI C12.20 (0.2% Accuracy
  • Analyze power quality over long periods of time to improve network reliability through high resolution event and disturbance recording
  • Ideal for monitoring industrial power centers, data centers and hospitals due to high accuracy disturbance recording (up to 512 samples/cycle)
  • Retrieve archived data, capture past events and analyze disturbances through high resolution data recording (up to 4MB of data logging)
  • Flexible communication options provide easy to access meter values, simplified configuration and seamless integration into new or existing automation systems

Multifunction Metering & Power Quality Monitoring

The EPM 7000 can provide a total picture usage and power quality as different points within a power distribution network on critical infrastructure such as data centers, allowing users to make power related decisions quickly and effectively.

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