GE GPM-S | Stator Ground Protection Module

GE GPM-S | Stator Ground Protection Module

Stator ground module works in combination with UR G60 to provide a 100% stator ground fault protection that is operational during generator start-up, running and stopped conditions. In the 100% stator ground fault protection based on sub-harmonic injection, a 20Hz voltage is injected to detect ground faults at any point across 100% of the winding thereby protecting the complete stator winding and allowing early detection of stator ground fault conditions.

Continuous monitoring and protection for a generator's stator windings.
The Multilin GPM-S Stator Ground Protection Module continuously monitors the integrity of the stator windings during stopped, starting and running conditions. This additional stator protection provides early detection of winding degradation, limiting potentially critical failures, costly asset damage, and costly system downtime.

  • Medium to large generator applications
  • Generators with high impedance grounding
  • Deployable with redundant generator protection systems
  • Suitable for unit transformer connected systems


  • Detectgroundfaultsthrough100%ofthestatorwindingincludingneutralpoint
  • Sub-harmonicinjectionbasedstatorgroundprotectionprovidesearlydetectionofgroundfaultconditions
  • DesignedtooperatewithMultilin'sindustryleadingG60UniversalRelayGeneratorProtectionSystem
  • Activeprotectionofthegeneratorevenundermachineshutdownconditionsforincreasedassetlife
  • Providingawiderangeoffaultresistancecoveragewhichallowsforsuperiorgeneratorprotection
  • IncreasegeneratorlifespanbyeasilyupgradingyourcurrentG60generatorprotectionrelay with the 100% Stator Ground Protection Module
  • SimplifiedsetupandconfigurationusingEnerVistasetupsoftware


  • Two stage stator ground resistance base delement–64S
  • Wide range faul tresistance coverage(1-20Kohms)
  • Over current element for low resistance faults
  • CTphase angle error compensatio
  • Sub-harmonic voltage supervision
  • Sub-harmonic current supervision
  • Extensive internal diagnostics with critical-failrelay

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