GE Intellix GLA100 | Single Gas Transformer DGA

GE Intellix GLA100   | Single Gas Transformer DGA

Small, intuitive and easy to install fault gas level alarm that provides a low cost warning solution to extend DGA monitoring to the smaller lower end transformers in your fleet.


Critical Generation and Transmission transformers are typically equipped with fully featured multi-gas monitoring systems capable of providing real-time diagnostics. As the criticality decreases, thenumber of fault gases monitored also decreases, moving away from comprehensive monitoring.

The Intellix GLA 100 offers substantial, cost effective monitoring for the over 300,000* significant transformers worldwide that are currently unmonitored. It offers a monitoring solution for important, less critical, less expensive transformers, where the aim is less about protecting the asset and more about avoiding the consequences of an unplanned outage.

• Small Power Transformers

• Larger Distribution Pad-mounted Transformers

• Vacuum type oil-filled OLTCs

• Oil-filled pipe type cables or cables termination

• Oil-filled instrument transformers(CTsandPTs)

Key Features

• Entry level pricepoint

• Continually measures H2 fault gas

• 2gas level alarms,eachconfigurable

• Colored light indicators and relay outputs

• Easy to installon 1inch valve

• Manual sampling port

GE Intellix GLA100   | Single Gas Transformer DGA

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