GE KELMAN MiniTrans | 3 Gas DGA Monitoring + Moisture

GE KELMAN MiniTrans   | 3 Gas DGA Monitoring + Moisture

Cost-effective discrete DGA device monitoring 3 significant fault gases plus moisture. With load sensor, outputs, extensive communications and configurable alarms.

The information provided by multi-gas on-line DGA allows valuable asset capabilities to be maximised and expensive failures to be avoided. Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) and moisture measurement of the insulation oil are recognised as the most important tests for condition assessment of any tank of a transformer. Traditionally performed in a laboratory environment, the MINITRANS provides for partial on-line discrete DGA and moisture monitoring.


MINITRANS can be utilised to monitor any size of transformer but is most widely employed to expand multi-gas on-line DGA coverage beyond the typical candidates of large, system critical or compromised transformers helping asset owners incorporate on-line DGA across a larger portion of their fleet , with a view to extending asset life, preventing unexpected failure and operating on a condition based / predictive maintenance schedule.

• Auxiliary GSU transformers

• Transmission transformers

• On load tap changers

• Distribution transformers

Key Features

• Cost effective on-line DGA

• Remote insight into transformer condition

• Discrete measurement of key gases associated with arching

cellulose degradation and general fault conditions

• Faults can be detected in infancy

• Generic fault type can be classified from results

• Transformer load and output can be optimised safely

• Aids condition based and predictive maintenance strategies

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