The GE Power Gateway (GPG) hardware platform is a key offering within the AAA domain, providing a trusted, powerful, and expandable platform. GE's GPG software completes the all-in-one solution - including the Configurator (database configuration tool), Concentrator communications driver, Viewer HMI, and Logic Box advanced real-time soft PLC - all in a single platform.

Key Benefit

• Cost-effective: Monitoring and control combined with advanced automation for a full range of utilities, industrial, and microgrid applications
• Scalable: Solutions for systems ranging in size from a single bay, to large industrial applications with complex automated functions
• Flexible: Custom solutions designed and specified by substation automation engineers, with customer-oriented adaptation and quick response times
• Ease of use: Simplified processes for connecting devices and creating project HMI screens. Short lead times for full monitoring systems supporting multiple devices
• Cloud Connectivity: Embedded communications provide seamless data transmission and storage.

GPG SoftwareGPG

software is a single platform containing the configurator, concentrator, viewer, and logic box. This facilitates the functionality of fully-integrated components, and allows for simpler and faster future development. GPG software can run on any Windows-based operating system, providing the flexibility to adapt to a wide range of applications and site-specific demands without hardware restrictions. With easy-to-use GPG software, minimal training is required to achieve expert configuration of all substation automation solution levels. An HMI Server is not required since the GPG acts as a data concentrator, gateway, and HMI Server. This reduces the overall cost, and minimizes system downtime.

The GE Power Gateway (GPG) is an embedded Application Ready Platform (ARP) designed to shorten development time, while offering rich networking interfaces to fill wide-ranging needs. The GPG series is designed as a total solution for network-enabled Application Ready Platforms.Leveraging field-approved real-time OS technology, the GPG series provides a Windows-embedded ready solution using RTOS VxWorks 7 with hypervisor Technology, supporting several standard networking interfaces such as Ethernet, RS-232/422/485 and more. Because of its open system, expansion capabilities, and reliable design (fan-less and diskless), GPG hardware forms an ideal embedded platform for implementing the core drivers of Advanced Automation Applications.

Data Server and Communication Gateway for Substations

The GPG series has been defined and designed to be compliant with IEC 61850-3, which has in turn been described as an international hardware standard for communication networks and systems in power substations.

2 Expansion Slots for Substation I/O

The GPG series offer 2 expansion slots for modularized IO plug-in cards. With these expansion slots, the GPG series has the option to become equipped with isolated serial ports, IRIG-B, and a fiber-optical Ethernet interface.For some applications, a second SSD is required. The GPG series provides an optional SSD kit to install a redundant SSD in the expansion slot.

Robust I/O Isolates System from Electrical Noise

The GPG series is designed for substation applications requiring a very specific electric interference. Equipped with isolated power and isolated communication ports, the GPG series has a high resistance towards electrical noise. It has proven to not only work well in substations, but it is also suitable for harsher applications in more rugged environments.

An Industry-Proven Design

Industrial applications require controllers with high-vibration specifications and a wide temperature range. Controllers in industrial environments require flexible and stable mounting, and many machine builders underestimate the need for rugged controllers because their applications are mounted in an industrial enclosure. GPG is specially designed to overcome the weaknesses of standard PCs. To prevent dust and vibration problems, it has no fan, and no HDD. With a smart mechanical design, GPG series can be met with up to a 50 G shock (with CompactFlash), a 2 G vibration (with SSD), up to 70° C operating temperature (tested under 100% CPU loading), and almost any other conditions that an industrial environment demands.

Designed to Fit in Standard Racks

The GPG series has a standard 2U/19" rack size for easy rack mounting. There are rear I/O connections and indicator LEDs on the front panel for all ports and modes, simplifying monitoring during operation and maintenance.

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