Horizontal Station

Horizontal Station

The Laboratory Receiving station is a fully automated receiving device developed to increase efficiency in laboratories.


The Laboratory Receiving station has been developed to integrate functional requirements of modern pneumatic tube systems with the need to manage high incoming traffic in laboratories and therefore it provides:

  • Continuous incoming of samples for analysis to reduce bottlenecks during peak hours
  • Hygienic, brushed stainless-steel case resistant to detergents and disinfectants used in healthcare facilities
  • Smooth horizontal arrival of sensitive goods, especially medical samples and blood products to protect sensitive content
  • Silent operating for maximum comfort>>Energy-saving design of the electrical components to support environmental sustainability
  • Easy withdrawal of carriers at ergonomic height for long-term reduction of work-related disabilities


  • The Laboratory Receiving station can receive up to 8 carriers, depending on each carrier´s length
  • Suitable for PowerLine
  • Integrated carrier damping forcushioned receipt of transported goods
  • Carrier types:
  • Equipped with 3 conveyor belts, separately motor-driven for different rotation speeds
- Standard (Ø 110 and 160 mm)
- SmartOpen / LeakProof (Ø 160 mm
Horizontal Station


  • Case: Stainless sheet steel
  • RFID: Carrier reading deviceTracing and tracking

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