Intelligent WAN

Intelligent WAN

Solution for Intelligent WAN

Intelligent WAN

With the explosive growth in real time applications, distributed workforces and cloud computing, a company's productivity and customer service have never been more dependent on network infrastructure. Because of this, organizations are turning their focus to their wide areas networks (WANs) and cloud access networks, knowing that having enough bandwidth to support the increased demand and predictable reliability to ensure continuous application availability are key to their success. And increasingly, companies are turning to Talari's intelligent WAN solution.

Talari's solution creates an intelligent and responsive network, one that adapts in real time to bandwidth demand and actual network conditions, ensuring that at all times and regardless of network issues, critical applications have priority and all applications take the best quality path through the network.

Whether the WAN is all MPLS, a hybrid WAN of MPLS and broadband, all Internet links, backed up with wireless, or extended to the cloud, Talari's solution will ensure continuous availability and predictable performance for business applications keep productivity moving at optimal speed.

Intelligence is the key

An intelligent WAN is one that "thinks" for itself – adapting in real time to changes in demand and network condition without any need for manual intervention. But intelligence requires knowledge to make the right decisions, and only Talari's solution has the network-wide real-time knowledge required to make the right decisions for each packet.

Talari measures the packet loss, latency, jitter, and availability of each path across the WAN and to the each direction ... with real traffic ... for every packet. This allows for a complete, granular and up-to-the millisecond view of the state of the network. And with this knowledge Talari is able to make intelligent decisions on what to do with each packet.

The result is a network that makes the right decision given a company's priorities, the actual state of the network, and current bandwidth availability and demand. The result is an intelligent Talari-enabled WAN that improves overall business performance and success.

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