GE provides a full spectrum of products and services that can contribute to achieving the energy goals of our customers. GE designs, manufactures, and supplies electrical protection and automation products, microgrid control systems, network switches, gateways, and DER assets for this type of solution which guarantees fast and low-cost deployment. GE's GridNode Microgrid Solution includes control and automation features such as real-time operation management, transition management, dispatch control and optimization, operations planning, market participation and advanced reporting and analytics.

Key Benefits

• Reliability enhancements through real-time detection of unstable system behavior and isolation of the affected system ensuring your most critical infrastructure stays online until normal system operation is restored
• Improve Resiliency by providing a system that can self-isolate from the affected grid and continue to support its loads independently for desired periods of time
• Energy Cost Reduction through a solution that can efficiently manage and optimize your energy resources based on real-time energy market prices, operational costs and energy resource mix
• Increase Revenue providing the capability to your system to provide ancillary services to the grid such as Frequency Control, Reserve Capacity, and Demand Response• Energy Security by effectively controlling, monitoring and optimizing your local energy assets reducing your need to rely on a centralized supply
• High percentage of Renewables integration through an energy management solution that will support the transition to new renewable energy targets and policies • Reduce Emissions by optimal dispatch and management of your energy resource mix

GridNode Microgrid Functions Standard Control

• Planned Islanding
• Seamless Unplanned Islanding and Fast Load Shedding
• Re-synchronization• Blackstart• Power Exchange with the grid
• Load Sharing
• Voltage and Reactive Power Management
• Power Factor Management
• Frequency Control
• Capacity Management

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