Mobile Substation GAE

Mobile Substation GAE

The Compact substation is a compact enclosure consisting of MV switchgear, a transformer and an LV switchboard located in three separate compartments which are segregated from each other by means of partitions in order to ensure personnel safety. Accessibility to operate or maintain the equipment is through lockable doors provided for each compartment to maximize security.

Mobile Substation GAE
Outdoor type enclosure having modular construction of Galvanized Sheet Steel. The degree of protection for MV & LV switchgear compartment shall be minimum IP55 & degree of protection of transformer compartment of the enclosure shall be minimum IP23.

Painting of the enclosure exterior shall be suitable for harsh environment conditions. Each compartment will be provided with the door and pad locking arrangement. The Compartment illumination lamp with door-operated switch shall be provided for each compartment.
Structure of the substation shall be able to withstand the gross weight of all equipment. It should be possible to transport the equipment along with transformer, MV& LV Switchgear from one site to another.

The enclosure shall be made of min 2.5 mm thickness Sheet Steel tropicalized to local weather conditions including all partition sheets and doors. The out door enclosure wall of enclosure are designed in a corrugated wall type design for robust construction and heat dissipation. The base of enclosure shall be min 4mm thick sheet steel.

Protection Degree
The protection degree of the Enclosure shall be IP55 for MV & LV switchgear compartment & min IP23 for Transformer compartment. Proper / adequate ventilation aperture shall be provided for natural ventilation by way of Louvers etc.

Covers & Doors
Covers & doors are part of the enclosure. When they are closed, they shall provide the degree of protection specified for the enclosure. Ventilation openings shall be so arranged or shielded that same degree of protection as specified for enclosure is obtained. Additional wire mesh may be used with proper Danger board for safety of the operator. All covers, doors or roof shall be provided with locking facility or it shall not be possible to open or remove them before doors used for normal operation have been opened.

Earthings All metallic components shall be earthed to a common earthing point. The components to be connected to the earth system shall include:
a) The enclosure of Package substation,
b) The enclosure of High voltage switchgear & control gear from the terminal provided for the purpose,
c) The metal screen & the high voltage cable earth conductor,
d) The transformer tank or metal frame of transformer, The frame &/or enclosure of low voltage switchgear.

Cleaning & Painting
The paints shall be carefully selected to withstand Harsh Environment conditions. The paint shall not scale off or crinkle or be removed by abrasion due to normal handling.

Internal Connections
The MV & L.V. outgoing of the transformer are to be connected to MV switchgear & incomer of the Low Voltage Switchgear by means of Cables / Flexible Bus bars as the optional.

Mobile Substation GAE

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