Small Off Grid Inverter

Small Off Grid Inverter

AJ series inverter upto 2400 VA . Steca apoint GAE as distributor in Indonesia

Steca AJ Series Inverter data sheet The Steca AJ inverter series stands out with wide range of available power classes and DC input voltages. This enables the optical inverter to be used for any application. The cables for connecting the battery and load are already mounted on the Steca AJ, thus making it easier to install the device. The automatic standby mode considerably reduces the inverter own consumption. The Steca AJ inverter excellent overload capacity ensures that even critical loads can be operated easily.

Product features

  • True sine wave volatage
  • Excellent overload capabilities
  • Optimal battery protection
  • Best reliability

Electronic protection functions

  • Deep discharge protection
  • Battery over voltage shutdown
  • Over temperature and overload protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Reverse polarity protection by internal fuse (except Steca AJ 2100-12)
  • Acoustic alarm at deep discharge of overheating


  • Multicolor LED shows operating states


  • Main Switch
  • Adjustable load detection


  • Types with 115V / 50Hz, 115V / 60Hz
  • Model with Protective Lackquiere mainboard
  • Terminal for connection of remote control (ON/OFF) for the types Steca AJ 275-12 to Steca AJ 700-48
  • Remote control JT8 (ON/OFF,LED) for connection to Steca AJ 1000-12 to Steca AJ 2400-24

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