Through Station

Through Station

The standard station is a fully automated sending?and?receiving device set up on industry standards for easy integration into most architectural configurations.


The standard station has been designed to integrate functional requirements into modern pneumatic tube systems with various architectural configurations, and therefore provides:

  • Ease of installation for minimaldisruption of the work environment
  • Easy operation for high acceptance
  • Silent operating for maximal comfort
  • Variable transportation speed toassure the integrity of transported goods
  • Energy-saving design of the electrical components to support environmental sustainability
  • More time for personnel toconcentrate on their main activities instead of spending time on portering activities


The standard station is controlled with the Swisslog softwares TranspoNet orTranspoSmart, offering various features and functions adapted to particularcustomers' needs.

  • Available as a through station or end station
  • Integrated pneumatic carrier damping arrangement for soft reception of the transported goods
  • Designed for wall mounting either concealed in a cabinet or exposed to view
  • Automated dispatch of the carrier after insertion in the loading port and entry of the destination address, independent of the status of the system, to ensure higher efficiency
  • Supplied with TranspoNet graphic monitor or TranspoSmart graphic display
  • Possibility to secure one arrivingcarrier from withdrawal with entry of a PIN code
  • Both monitor and display are intuitive to control with telephone-style membrane keypads

Through Station
Through Station

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