Ferroresonant Industrial UPS

Ferroresonant Industrial UPS

True on-line ferroresonant transformer based UPS that has been proven to provide reliable power for critical AC loads.

Single Phase: 3 – 50 kVA*

*Additional Sizes available, Contact Us

The DSE UPS from AMETEK Solidstate Controls combines the best of both worlds:
- The reliability and robust design of a ferroresonant UPS.
- The digital control and communications typically found only in PWM products.

The DSE is a true on-line, double conversion Uninterruptible Power Supple system that provides continuous, clean, regulated power for critical AC loads. Designed specifically for process control and harsh industrial applications, the DSE combines digital control for enhanced communications, monitoring, control and diagnostics capabilities with proven ferroresonant transformer design. The DSE also includes the LCD panel and user-friendly touch screen display found in our Digital Process Power systems for the ultimate in user control.

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