GE C30 | Controller System

GE C30 | Controller System

GE C30 | Controller System
The C30 controller system is a programmable logic controller for performing substation or bay automation that can also be used for expanding the I/O capability of protection devices and replacing Sequence of Event (SOE) recorders. The C30 provides fast deterministic execution of programmable logic with I/O capabilities far above an average protection relay.


  • Bay control and substation automation
  • Programmable logic control
  • UR I/O expansion
  • Sequence of Events (SOE) recorder replacement

Key Benefits

  • Powerful and deterministic programmable logic suitable for creating most customized automated substation control solutions
  • Modular hardware architecture allowing for flexibility in the I/O configuration to support most bay management applications
  • Three independent fiber or copper Ethernet ports for simultaneous/ dedicated network connections with advanced 1 microsecond time synchronization via LAN with IEEE® 1588 support
  • Reduced bay or station wiring through the use of high-speed peer-to-peer communication for sending and accepting control commands from other relays
  • Simplified system integration and access to information through the use of multiple communication options and protocols not found in industrial grade PLCs
  • Embedded IEC® 61850 protocol
  • Increase network availability by reducing failover time to zero through IEC 62439-3 "PRP" support
  • CyberSentry™ provides high-end cyber security aligned to industry standards and services (NERC® CIP, AAA, Radius, RBAC, Syslog)
  • Robust network security enabling Critical Infrastructure Protection through user command logging, and dual permission access control
  • Complete IEC 61850 Process Bus solution provides resource optimization and minimizes total P&C life cycle costs

The C30 is a complete solution for controlling and monitoring substation devices and can easily be connected directly into DCS or SCADA monitoring and control systems like Viewpoint Monitoring as shown.

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