GE F650 l Feeder Protection System

GE F650 l Feeder Protection System

High end features in an economical package. The F650, a member of the 650 Family of protection relays, is high performance digital device that incorporates protection, control, and metering in a economical package. Use the F650 to protect HV/MV feeders, bus couplers, transformers and capacitor banks. The F650 is the first feeder relay with remote I/O capabilities via the CIO module.

The F650, a member of the 650 Family of protection relays, incorporates protection, control, automation and metering in a economical package. F650 comes with a large LCD and single line diagrams can be built for bay monitoring and control for various feeder arrangements including ring-bus, double breaker or for breaker and half.


  • Primary or back-up protection and control for feeders on solidly grounded, high impedance grounded or resonant grounded systems
  • Bus blocking/Interlocking schemes
  • High-speed fault detection for arc flash
  • Throw over schemes (bus transfer scheme applications)
  • Load shedding schemes based on voltage and frequency elements
  • Back-up protection of high voltage applications
  • Distributed Generation (DG) interconnect protection, including active and passive anti-islanding

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive and flexible protection and control device for feeder applications
  • Increased system uptime and improved stability with load shedding and transfer schemes
  • Advanced automation capabilities for customized protection and control solutions
  • Human machine interface (HMI) with graphical LCD, programmable buttons, and easy keys for selecting setting menus, and submenus
  • Reduced replacement time with modular draw-out construction
  • Reduced troubleshooting time and maintenance costs with IEEE 1588 (PTP), IRIG-B and SNTP time synchronization, event reports, waveform capture, and data logger
  • Simplified system integration with communications supporting serial and Ethernet interfaces as well as multiple protocols
  • Embedded IEC 61850 protocol (and support for edition 2), IEC 60870-5-103, IEC 62439/PRP/HSR, IEEE 802.1D/RSTP

Functional Block Diagram

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