Recorded Plus Series

Recorded Plus Series

The Record PlusTM family of circuit breakers has been developed as a line of aesthetically and technically coordinated protection devices for low voltage distribution and control applications. The circuit breakers are available in four sizes, each of which is tailored to the individual requirements associated with its application.


Rated at 160A, the FD63/160 frame size isdesigned for use in both a DIN-railenvironment with modular equipment and inindustrial applications. It is supplied withIPXXB terminals suitable for direct connectionof one or two conductors totalling up to 95mm2 and is available as a thermal-magneticbreaker, a moulded case switch, and as amagnetic-only motor circuit protector.The FD63/160 bridges the gap betweenresidential miniature circuit breakers andindustrial moulded case circuit breakers.

FE160 and FE250

Rated at 160 and 250A, the FE frame sizesare designed for side-by-side mounting withFD63/160 types in panels. FE sizes areequipped with an easily accessible busbarconnection and can also be supplied withcable lugs for use with copper or aluminumconductors. The design allows the use ofinterchangeable thermal-magnetic,magnetic-only, and electronic trip units.

FG400 and FG 630

Rated at 400 and 630A, the FG frame sizeincludes all of the advanced features of theFD and FE frame sizes.The FG connection area features easy-toaccessbusbar connections. Cable lugs foruse with single or multiple copper oraluminum conductors are optionallyavailable. The breaker is designed for usewith interchangeable electronic units thatcan be easily adapted to multiple levels ofprotection.

FK 800, 1250 and 1600

Rated at 800,1250 and 1600A, the FK framesizes are designed for use with the FG400and 630 frame sizes. The design useselectronic trips units available in a number ofperformance ranges and allowing a widevariety of setting options and groundfaultprotection. If needed thermal-magnetic andmagnetic only trip units are also available.The FK connection area features easy-toaccessbusbar connections or cable lugs foruse with single or multiple copper oraluminum conductors.

The Record PlusTM line of circuit breakers has been designed to comply with the following standards:
EN 60947 Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear:

EN 60947-1: General rules
EN 60947-2: Circuit-breakers
EN 60947-3: Switches, disconnectors, switchdisconnectors and fuse-combination units
EN 60947-4-1: Contactors and motor-starters Section One: Electromechanical contactors and motorstarters
EN 60947-5-1: Control circuit devices and switching elements
Section One: Electromechanical control circuit devices

This has been verified by two testing authorities:
(appropriate certificates are available on request)

By meeting the international standards metioned here.
The requirements are met of: BS, VDE, UTE, KEMA, CEI.
Record Plus breakers have been tested in acordance with the NEMA standards

For the Record Plus product certificates are available from the following regulatory bodies:
Germanische Lloyds - RINA
Lloyds Register of Shipping - CCC (China)
ULĀ® 489 and UL486a and b (specific US types)
Further tests are being undertaken to meet the requirements of the following regulatory bodies:
Bureau Veritas - Det Norske Veritas

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