TMC-2001RT Standby Energy Management

TMC-2001RT Standby Energy Management

The TMC-2001RT is the most advanced system in our range of modern battery testers. Resistance measurements with voltages up to 60V are easily performed. The measurement of the block- and total voltages, combined with the facilities to use temperature and density sensors, will help you in your daily inspection tasks.

The TMC-2001RT is professional handheld data logger. It is perfectly adapted to all battery related measurement tasks, such as block voltage and resistance measurements. All measured data are shown on a bright color TFT-Display.

The TMC-2001RT provides sufficient analyze features on-site, to be able to introduce appropriate actions for maintenance if necessary. All stored measurement values can be reviewed.

Relevant information needed for testing, such as data for battery identification or permissible limit values can be completely downloaded into the data logger memory. The battery to test can be selected either by navigation through the stored database, or via the use of our automatic RF-ID transponder identification (Optional). This ensures faultless synchronization before uploading measurement values into the computer.

Features :

  • Universal, for stationary and mobile battery installations
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Resistance measurement (up to 60V)
  • Store up to 2000000 sets of data
  • Automatic data capture (upload a complete battery database)
  • USB (Mini5P) interface and IrDA interface (density probe)
  • 10 hours of continuous operation
  • Bundled with a complete and powerful battery management software

Optional :
  • RF-ID wireless battery identification
  • Bluetooth

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