GE L60 | Line Phase Comparison System

GE L60 | Line Phase Comparison System

GE L60 | Line Phase Comparison System

The L60 provides fast and secure sub-cycle phase comparison protection, for both two-terminal and three- terminal lines, lines with series compensation and for single-pole and three-pole tripping applications. The L60 can operate using existing power line carrier or fiber optic communications, and compensates for channel asymmetry and charging currents. The L60 can provide complete support of dual-breaker line terminals by using multiple current inputs.


  • Short and long overhead lines and cables of different voltage levels
  • Suitable for two and three-terminal lines
  • Circuits with tapped transformer feeders
  • Implicit direct transfer trip (DTT) for breaker failure applications

Key Benefits

  • Extremely fast and secure phase comparison protection with a typical tripping time of ¾ of a power cycle
  • End-to-end communication over power line carrier provides cost-effective solution
  • Advanced algorithms for channel noise immunity, accurate per-channel signal asymmetry, charging current compensation and channel delay compensation
  • Three-zone high-speed backup phase and ground distance function
  • Application flexibility: multiple I/O options, programmable logic (FlexLogic™), modularity, customizable to specific requirements
  • Three independent fiber or copper Ethernet ports for simultaneous/ dedicated network connections with advanced 1 microsecond time synchronization via LAN with IEEE® 1588 support
  • Embedded IEC® 61850 protocol
  • Increase network availability by reducing failover time to zero through IEC 62439-3 "PRP" support
  • CyberSentry™ provides high-end cyber security aligned to industry standards and services (NERC® CIP, AAA, Radius, RBAC, Syslog)
  • Advanced fault and disturbance recording, including internal relay operating signals, eliminating the need for external recording devices

Functional Block Diagram

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